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Shot on Film - Kodak Ektar 100, raw and real.

Shot with Kodak Ektar 100, 50mm lens at 1.4, evenly lit bright shade.

Often times, when people shoot pictures with their cell phone, or even digital SLR's, will use  filters or do some kind of post production photo manipulation.  These filters will alter the original look of the picture (as shot straight from the camera) and often times are designed to resemble film looks! 
Before digital imaging came along, a photographer would pick their film based on the lighting conditions that they would be shooting in, the colors they were trying to accentuate or diminish, and the subject they were shooting.  Films are made differently.  For example, some are absolutely dreamy for portraits where some are super vibrant and are made more for landscape or dimly lit areas.  Some are better to shoot in contrasty light and some really reveal their beauty in evenly lit scenarios.  When I shot film, I adored the Fuji line and I want to think it's because I always tend to lean towards liking the c…

Best friends, watching kids grow up, and wrapping up my season!

Aislyn, this girl is stunning, naturally gorgeous, and I LOVED getting a chance to photograph her when she was in town!!💚

Wrapping up my busy season, as I mentioned in a earlier blog, is never easy for me.  It definitely makes it a little better when you get to photograph your best friend and her beautiful family though!  We had this session planned a month earlier, since both kids were planning to be in town at the same time.  We ended up with some beautiful interactions and some fun family silliness that I always embrace during sessions!!

I wanted to showcase this session to brag on them a little!  They are a tight family unit that I am so blessed to know, and have in my life!


Aislyn and her boyfriend Aaron came to the shoot together and we got to capture some of their fun, carefree relationship.  I think the pictures speak for themselves, and this is, silly and so in love!  I loved spending time with them both!

Photographing my best friend and her kids, being I have watched them both grow up and become amazing adults has been so rewarding!  I have been fortunate enough to do sessions through the years and have seen them go from teeny tiny, to taller than mom!!  

I first met Drake when he was in third grade.  From the get go he was a charming youngster and has grown into a supremely handsome adult, with tons of athletic talent and ambition!

I met Aislyn when she was in Fifth grade!  This girl is athletically gifted as well and is now running her own business, partnering with her boyfriend Aaron, and is pursuing new passions as well with continuing education!! A girl after my own heart!

Thank you to you ALL for spending time with me and letting me capture you!  


I am super pumped to report that since my last blog post, I have a new project in the hopper (in addition to my personal development projects) as well as a few more sessions to round out my year.... so my mood has lifted lol!!  It's so important for me (and you) to remember, its up to US to make our own magic happen!  We ALL go through those times when we have doubt or just don't feel up to snuff!  

I am so thankful for all my clients, this year and every year, and all the trust they put in me!!

Until next week...



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