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Shot on Film - Kodak Ektar 100, raw and real.

Shot with Kodak Ektar 100, 50mm lens at 1.4, evenly lit bright shade.

Often times, when people shoot pictures with their cell phone, or even digital SLR's, will use  filters or do some kind of post production photo manipulation.  These filters will alter the original look of the picture (as shot straight from the camera) and often times are designed to resemble film looks! 
Before digital imaging came along, a photographer would pick their film based on the lighting conditions that they would be shooting in, the colors they were trying to accentuate or diminish, and the subject they were shooting.  Films are made differently.  For example, some are absolutely dreamy for portraits where some are super vibrant and are made more for landscape or dimly lit areas.  Some are better to shoot in contrasty light and some really reveal their beauty in evenly lit scenarios.  When I shot film, I adored the Fuji line and I want to think it's because I always tend to lean towards liking the c…

Travel - the Inexperienced with the Experienced!

Double the FUN!

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FALL is in the AIR!

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