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2018 Memorable moments, some may surprise you!

Emma, wow, this girl was truly remarkable, beautiful, soulful and inspiring!!  She lit up my world during this session!
This year, I had an incredible group of people to work with.  When I wrapped up my busiest season, I felt a huge sense of loss because I had constant inspiration, connection and motivation to push beyond my very best!  For them, for you!

I did a year in review video of my own personal life, photos and memories, and wanted to showcase 1-2 images from my sessions this year, sharing some of my favorite images.  Images that spoke to me on levels much deeper than just a pretty picture.

Finding your voice as a creative takes time.  Mine is continually evolving, for sure, but when I look back at sessions from years ago, I do see images I love, that the families loved, and I can still say today, that I am proud of!  There IS a sense of continuity in some respects, as well as obvious growth with the craft, my skill level, and my willingness to take a chance!  This has always bee…

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